The Intruder

I walked into the kitchen wiping the sleep out of my eyes and saw that I was the first one up. The back door was wide open. The kitchen was an absolute disaster. The trash can top was off and things were littered all over the floor and counter. Food was everywhere…sugar packets were ripped open, bread, Oreo crumbs, and chips were strewn about.

As everyone else awoke, we surveyed the damage. What was missing? Passports, money, or any other valuables?!? Oddly it was only food that had been pilfered. Matt…errr…Chelsea’s boyfriend said he’d heard a loud bang at 4:30 am but thought little of it. We cleaned the mess and all shared theories on the culprit.

Later that night, the intruder revealed themselves. As we were making dinner, a racoon came to the back door (which was closed as it was the night before) and started to slide it open. We had caught the bugger red-handed and chased him off. If he had shown a little more patience, we may have forgotten to lock the door once again but this time we triple checked it before going to bed. For the rest of our stay the only critters making a mess and leaving crumbs everywhere were Junebug and Lennox.

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