Junebug’s Best Day Ever

Junebug beamed “Dada, this is the best waterpark ever. There are no lifeguards, so you can do whatever you want on the slides!” I laughed and looked down from the top of creaky stairs that we had just walked 4 stories up. Then I gazed at the rusted screws on the slides with a more nervous viewpoint than her, but I didn’t want to rain on her parade. Junebug asked, “Can we go down this slide together? I looked at her and said “Sure, no lifeguard will stop us!”

We had decided to break up our hikes and day trips with a visit to Kalambu Thermal Pools and Water Park. Junebug was excited because Chelsea…and her boyfriend were coming with us. On the drive there we saw multiple iguanas and even some toucans in trees in the parking lot.

On arrival we couldn’t believe how close the volcano was to the park and the views were amazing. The thermal pools had varying temperatures and were super refreshing even in the Costa Rican heat. After several hours of riding slides that would certainly be shut down in the USA, we went to get food and drinks at the swim up bar. Before long, a torrential downpour started. We considered leaving but the kids were ecstatic. Their enthusiasm was infectious, so we stayed until closing time and lucked out as the park emptied out. As we were driving home, Junebug who was wrapped up but soaked in the back seat said, “Mom, Dad, that was the best day of my whole life.” I had to agree it was a blast.

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