Introducing…Chelsea’s Boyfriend

Junebug met her new bestie less than 24 hours into Costa Rica. We landed in San Jose and after spending 1.5 hours at the car rental agency (which may have been my fault as I forgot board racks and had to squeeze them into the car above everyone’s head), we were off on our way to La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano. The drive is amazing and went by quickly.

We were meeting our friend Matt and his girlfriend Chelsea for a week (aka @wandering.match). I’ve known Matt for at least 15 years, and he is a family friend. My parents and brothers all love him too. Junebug has known Matt since she was born. He came to visit her at the hospital when she was a day old. He has also been on other trips with her before including to Alaska and Canada.

Junebug briefly met Chelsea before the trip so we could plan a meet up point in Costa Rica and it was an uneventful introduction. This time when we got to the house in La Fortuna, Junebug was instantly drawn to Chelsea and within a few hours she said that Chelsea was her new bestie. Over the next week, Chelsea had a non-stop sidekick as Junebug made sure that they did everything together. Several days in we were making plans to go to dinner. Junebug asked with us all in the room, “Can Chelsea come to dinner with us…and I guess her boyfriend?” I laughed and said, “You mean Matt?” Junebug rolled her eyes at me and said “Yeah, Chelsea’s boyfriend.” And just like that Matt was anointed with a new nickname.

My name is MATTTTT!!!

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  1. Matt has always been one of our family’s extra special ones and Junebug has hereby decreed so is Chelsea!

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