Mangoes on Metal

BANG! For the first day or two the periodic booming clatter would catch me by surprise, and I had no idea what it was. Was it a firecracker? Was it a gunshot? Thinking back now it seems pretty ridiculous to think that these were my first thoughts but in my defense it was LOUD.

I finally cracked the code when we were walking through town to get a cold, refreshing treat (which became a daily occurrence). I heard the now familiar blast right above my head. I let out a little squeal and ran for cover like a child. Then a mango rolled off the roof and landed on the ground. I looked up and noticed the above tree had hundreds of ripe mangoes hanging down. I couldn’t help but laugh and thereafter we noticed that ripe mangoes were absolutely everywhere!

Mango trees are all over El Salvador. The season for these tasty fruits is between February and May. Being that it was April, we were visiting during the peak mango period. Throughout our time in El Zonte (and on our numerous treat trips), we got used to the intermittent BANG! of mangoes dropping onto metal roofs throughout the town. Besides our successful treat journeys, we also got to enjoy fresh mangoes falling from trees whenever we wanted!

Some of our favorite treats!

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