El Zonte through Junebug’s Eyes

“Daddy, can I see the picture?” As long as I can remember, Junebug has been drawn to photography and loves to take pictures. On this trip we decided to bring an older Sony a6000 to let the kiddos play photographer. One evening in El Zonte we went out for a family walk so Junebug could take snaps of different sites around the town. We sat down together to look at her captures, picked her favorites and I asked her a few questions about them. Here are her favorites…

Q: What is your favorite thing about taking pictures?

A: You can look back at what you did and it’s fun to see them afterwards. It also helps you find things that are really pretty.

Q: Is it difficult to take pictures?

A: It’s difficult to take good ones. There are a lot of things to think about to make them good.

Q: Why did you choose these as your favorite pictures from your El Zonte walk?

A: It was interesting and there were pretty things. My favorite picture is the one of you and mom because I really like the splash in the background and I like seeing you two together smiling.

Q: What did you like about El Salvador?

A: New experience and fun. Got to play with family and see new things. Animals were my favorite…puppies, cats, and horses.

Would you go back and why or why not?

-Yes I would go back but it would be even better if I could bring some friends!

Here are a few more of Junebug’s pictures in the gallery below!

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