The Birthday Surprise

We were sitting at High Cotton which is a drink your wine with your pinky up type of establishment in Charleston, SC when the wheels fell off…

It was the last night of our Carolina trip and we wanted to celebrate Father’s Day and Nug’s birthday in style. We had spent time in Charlotte meeting Kerri and Randy’s new baby, Rush, and forcing the girls to go to as many breweries as we could before heading to Charleston for a few days. We booked a room on the water in downtown Charleston and spent the days walking down the quaint old town streets, exploring the parks and gardens and swimming in the fountains to beat the heat.

Charlotte drinking buddies
Charleston fountains


We had made it through drinks, apps and salads at High Cotton while Juniper was being an angel baby. Nevertheless, the old curmudgeon woman at the next table over kept looking at the bugger like she was a nuisance. We waited for our entrees to arrive and took turns holding Junebug. Nug asked for the baby back and right after I relinquished her, Big Precious let out 3 massive farts that scared us and horrified the woman at the adjacent table. Everyone’s attention was diverted momentarily as the waitress arrived with our steaks and placed them on the table. Junebug looked intently at the waitress and I with a startled yet determined face. We then learned that after the thunder comes the rain. The eruptions that followed seemed to shake the room and Juniper’s diaper was no match for the ensuing deluge. In slow motion a lava flow of “mustard colored oatmeal” charged down the baby’s legs and came to rest squarely in Nug’s lap. “Happy Birthday Nug,” I deadpanned before we both started laughing uncontrollably, Juniper looked extremely pleased with herself (and relieved) and the woman stared at us all with utter disgust. I was silently thankful that the birthday girl had taken the Bug when she did.


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3 thoughts on “The Birthday Surprise

  1. Babies are so fun in so many ways, aren’t they? Love, AuntieAuntie and Uncle Bimky

  2. Like father, like daughter! In 1982, you (Ross) provided Dad and me with a similar surprise for our 6th wedding anniversary – at a Chinese restaurant in Virginia. I was wearing white linen. We laughed uncontrollably too. Some things never change.

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