The Travel Bug

After plenty of practice traveling with just the 2 of us, Nug and I decided to take the inevitable leap into the unknown by planning a trip out to California with our new 2 month old baby Juniper. We decided to spend a week visiting San Clemente, La Jolla and Newport Beach to escape the Jacksonville cold and because I selfishly wanted to surf. Nug was SOOO ecstatic that we would be traveling with a 2 month old baby, a stroller, baby supplies….and a double surfboard bag.  I’m a nervous flier and Nug has been able to handle one baby (me) pretty easily but was a bit hesitant by the fact that she would now have 2 infants to deal with on the 7 hour journey. On the day of departure we nervously boarded our first flight and prepared for the worst.  The lady in front of us obviously shared our fears when she asked tentatively, “Is this her first flight?”  We nodded apprehensively and she just took a deep breath before turning around.  Junebug miraculously slept most of the 2 flights and didn’t make one peep when she was awake.

Bug on a plane
Bug on a plane

We were staying in San Clemente for the first few days and meandered to our AirBNB room without incident. Nug fed the bugger and I unpacked our stuff. She was burping the baby and we were high fiving and patting ourselves on the back about our successful journey when the poor baby went exorcist style and projectile vomited all over the mama and our bed for the next 3 nights. She then burst into tears as we cleaned up the mess. We were just relieved that the upchuck hadn’t happen on the plane.

La Jolla

Over the next week we soaked up some beautiful California sunshine, got some waves, did some beach walks, dipped the Bug’s toes in the Pacific for the 1st time, had some picnics, visited farmer’s markets and gorged on authentic Mexican food. It was a successful first journey and convinced us that we could still travel with our cute 3rd wheel.

Bug's 1st Pacific toe dip at Crystal Cove
Bug’s 1st Pacific toe dip at Crystal Cove
Trestles with the mama
Surf Check
Surf Check
It's pumping dada!!
It’s pumping dada!!

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