Tuk-Tuks and Temples

One of the biggest draws in Siem Reap is the beautiful countryside littered with ancient temples and ruins.  Angkor Wat is the most famous but hundreds more are in the region.  The tuk-tuk ride from Siem Reap to the countryside is absolute chaos.  Motorbikes, cows, dogs, children, semi-trucks, cars, bicycles, food carts and people are everywhere and move about in no apparent rhyme or reason.

Kollo and Nug
Angkor Archaeological Park Passes








To add to the confusion every driver lays on their horn for most of the ride.  It seems to me that it would be better to set the horn to blare continuously and the driver could then turn it off by pressing the horn.  It is incredible that wrecks don’t materialize everywhere.  The breeze in the tuk-tuk felt amazing because once it stopped we were in 90+ degree sweltering heat.  It was the kind of heat where you could drink 3 liters of water and still not have to relieve yourself once since the water is sweat right out.  The unlimited bottled water on the tour was a lifesaver.  Over 3 separate 8 hour days we visited a dozen temples and a few of these temples more than once.  Some like Angkor Wat were crawling with tourists while at others we were the only people around.  The unifying thread between all the temples is that they were absolutely stunning.

Ta Prohm
Angkor Wat Sunrise









Neak Pean
East Mabon
Angkor Wat

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