Welcome to Cambodia

The trip from the Gold Coast to Siem Reap required 11 hours of being cramped in a metal tube flying 500mph through the sky.  Nug and I went through numerous thunderstorms on our red eye flight.  Neither of us slept a wink; me from tweaking and Nug because every time she began to nod off I would tug on her sleeve like an infant to tell her I was scared of the turbulence.  She took it in stride even though I am sure she wanted to belt me in the nose.  We arrived in Siem Reap at 7am and zipped through Cambodian customs.

Our Tuk-Tuk Driver “Kollo”
The Tuk-Tuk







Once outside we were surprised to see that our hostel had sent a tuk-tuk driver for us.  He took us to the Golden Mango Inn which is apparently a “flashpacker” hostel.  I had never before heard this term but I guess we fit the definition.  The Golden Mango price included a full breakfast, wi-fi internet, free bottled water, comfy beds, a killer pool, and free tuk-tuk rides to town.  Compared to the dives that were available for $12 per night it cost a fortune at $19 but at the ripe old age of 30 I am willing to part with the extra cash and can justify it to myself.

Riding clean
Nug happy that I’m giving her sleeve a rest.







Plus, after living in Australia for the past 7 months it was sticker shock in reverse.  We could not believe how cheap it was in comparison.  Within 5 minutes of arriving and on zero sleep we dumped our bags in the room and jumped on the first available tuk-tuk into town.

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  1. We look forward to seeing your great photos and reading about your new adventures in Southeast Asia!

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