The First 36 Down Under

  • The alarm harasses us at 530am in the Auckland dump that passes for a hotel room.
  • We return the rental car and arrive at the airport moments before check in for the flight to Brisbane concludes and are admonished for our tardiness.
  • Our bags get dragged aside for additional inspection (thrown into disarray) in Brisbane.
  • Call 10 car rental agencies before hunting down a rental car for 2 days from Rent-a-Bomb.
  • Drive around like headless chickens looking for accommodation and internet.
  • Search online for car and camper possibilities to buy or rent.
  • Front desk clerk at our hotel just happens to have a station wagon for sale so we test drive it.
  • Head to Wicked Campers depot to peruse campervans available for sale.
  • Get trapped in a torrential downpour and the traffic from the NZed/Australia cricket match for 2 hours.
  • The only camper available is painted with a caricature of the Beatles but their noses are represented by 4 “male reproductive organs.”  Nug is not amused.
  • Flip a coin and go with the Wicked Camper.
  • The camper won’t be ready until next week so they will give us a loaner tomorrow.
  • Thankfully, they will paint over the “art” on the van.
  • Buy a cellphone and spend 1 hour getting our service and number set up.
  • Pass out for a few hours.
  • Go pick up our loaner campervan- ”Devilish”
  • Go to Rent-a-Bomb to return the bomb.
  • Drive 2 hours south to the Gold Coast.
  • South swell is running and Greenmount is chest high and fun!
  • Surf too long and all the campgrounds are closed for the night.
  • Drive around in circles again until we find a free place to squat for the night.
  • Celebrate our first 36 hours in Australia with an extravagant dinner under the stars…peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and boxed wine (only the best for my Nug).

7 thoughts on “The First 36 Down Under

  1. Love hearing about your travels. Watch out for sharks, spiders and big snakes. Okay, got that off my chest. Have a wonderful time and keep posting. xoxo

  2. Love, love all your posts! Didn’t know you were such a great writer Ross. Keep the posts coming and videos. Miss you guys. Be safe and Ross, stay away from the sharks!
    Merry Christmas to you both.

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