Same same but different.

Same same but different.

All of the interesting “mother’s meetings” (long conversation in Kiwi speak) with New Zealanders and long car rides with no radio had us talking about our interactions.  While we technically speak the same language, many of the terminologies and axioms of the Kiwis had us chuckling so we started a list of some of the words or phrases that we heard and translated based on our dialect.

  • Jandels= sandals
  • Dairy= convenience store
  • Footpath= sidewalk
  • Lift=elevator
  • Z= pronounced Zed
  • Trading hours= hours of operation (for a store or business)
  • Bottle shop= liquor store
  • Chiller= refrigerator
  • Car park= parking lot
  • Nappy= diaper
  • Sweet as= awesome
  • Ute= SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle)
  • Loo= toilet
  • Give way= yield
  • Blind= hammered
  • Push bike= bicycle
  • For hire= for rent
  • Trousers= pants
  • Macca’s= McDonald’s
  • Flat white= coffee and cream
  • Long black= black coffee
  • Brekky= breakfast
  • Rubbish= trash
  • Rubbish bin= trash can
  • Holiday= vacation
  • Take away= to go (food)
  • Caravan= motorhome
  • Heaps= a lot
  • Ranga= red head (as in orangutan)
  • Stickies= desert wine
  • Tin= can (example- tin of soup)

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