A Boring Day

Junebug confided in me, “Dada, today was kind of boring… All we did was look at water and we didn’t even see Nessie.” I couldn’t help but chuckle out loud. I was fascinated by “Nessie”, the Loch Ness monster, growing up and so badly wanted it to be a real thing. The morning we were going to check out the Loch Ness area, I hyped up Juniper and Lennox by showing them videos about the history of Nessie.

It’s fair to say the kiddos were in a bit of a frenzy about the potential of seeing a creature that could be a dinosaur or monster. I believe I poured gasoline on the fire when I told them we could get 2 bunnies as pets (they ask for this everyday) upon returning to Florida IF we got photographic proof of the creature. The kids were on full alert for Nessie at every stop. We saw some amazing views of the lake and surrounding mountains as well as a castle…but no Nessie. After an hour or so of searching we went into town to explore the trinket shops and unfortunately couldn’t escape without a stuffed animal and some bracelets. Then we had lunch at a playground where the kids acted like little monsters. After that, it was back to our farmstay to enjoy the afternoon on the beautiful property.

Later that night, as I was snuggling Junebug to sleep she hit me with the “Dada, today was kind of boring…” statement. After laughing, I followed up rapid fire, “What about the amazing castle we saw? What about the mountains by the lake? What about getting bracelets? What about the new stuffed animal? What about the awesome playground we visited? What about feeding the alpacas, donkeys, goats, and cows here at the farm? What about hanging in the hot tub? What about skipping rocks in the river? What about the trail walk where we collected all those flowers? I don’t know about you, but I think all that stuff was awesome!” Junebug was quiet for a minute, which is a rarity. I could see that she was actually contemplating my response. Her face slowly broke into a big grin, “You know what Dada, I guess you are right. Today was fun.” Besides being fun it must have worn Junebug out because 2 minutes later she was sound asleep.

4 thoughts on “A Boring Day

  1. Really enjoying your blog! We have kids around the same age and I hope to take them on some fun adventures too.
    PS: great photography.

    1. Thanks Raina! We love to hear that you are enjoying the blog! I know you will get the kids out on some fun adventures too. We are learning the kids idea of fun adventures can be different than our though lol. We spent a day exploring waterfalls and awesome views on Isle of Skye and when we asked Lennox what is favorite part of the day was he told us it was digging his little play tractor in the sand at one of the stops hahaha.

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