“Careful Isn’t a Word to Me”

Junebug was at least 15 feet up the rock wall and hollered, “Dada!! I need help!” I ran over and urged her to stay focused and go slow. I spent the next 30 seconds coaching her down from the ledge. Once she was back on solid ground, I told her “Great job staying in control,” and then admonished her for going too high. I encouraged her to be more careful with her rock climbing because it was dangerous. She looked at me matter-of-factly and said, “Dada, careful isn’t a word to me.” A sensation of fear coursed through me, and I imagine this attitude from her is something I will be concerned with forever.

Junebug’s favorite show is currently “Beastmaster”, which is an obstacle course show that has a lot of CrossFit components. Her favorite competitor was a rock climber, so now that is her goal. I do my best to encourage her to pursue her current passion, but it is concerning watching her charge up anything that is remotely climbable with seemingly reckless abandon. I must admit it is obvious that she is having a blast.

Ireland has lots of perfect setups for a kid who wants to “play” rock climber. We also happened to be stopping at tons of attractions that have rocks, trees, castle walls, or other obstacles that can test her skills. She is on a mission, and it is really fun to watch. I just need to figure out how to make “careful” a word to her along the way.

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