The Flood

Matt came into my room, “Hey dude…you have to get up now.” Confusion and concern covered his face and I instantly got nervous. I thought I was hallucinating as I stood up out of bed and found myself in ankle deep water. “The whole house is flooded and it’s 2am,” Matt said.

We spent our last evening down with Matt and Chelsea at Playa Hermosa in the Guanacaste enjoying a beachfront dinner together. They were headed to South America, and we were starting our journey further south. Juniper maximized the time with her new bestie, and we watched another amazing sunset on the beach.

Upon returning home we had our evening Trits, made sure the sliding door was locked and then went to bed. It wasn’t long before Matt woke me up to share our watery plight. It turns out a hose had busted and overflowed the pool which then flooded our house. We spent the next hour or two sweeping and bucketing water out of the house, moving luggage and other belongings off the floors and making phone calls to address the fall out. The kids slept through it all. Finally, exhausted, we all went back to sleep. After what felt like 5 minutes of having my eyes closed, Junebug was by the side of the bed, looking well rested and ready to party and smiling she said “Dada, are you ready to get up?”

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  1. Sounds about right! Y’all have been having too much fun and good karma. Payback. Love, Us

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