Lennox Earns His Stripes

I knocked on the door…Lianne cracked it ever so slightly. Mosquitos buzzed around her head, and she was visibly sweaty. I immediately asked if she needed me to take over. She instantly looked relieved and said, “Absolutely!!”.

April 20th was our first full day in Costa Rica and La Fortuna. The kids, as usual woke us up before dawn which is like 5am. We spent the morning doing a hike near our Airbnb that was known to harbor some local sloths. We tramped through the jungle finding butterflies, birds, ants, tons of different plants and an actual real-life sloth! The kids found the sloth to be anti-climatic as mainly we just saw its’ butt.

Later that evening we went into town to wander and get casado at a local soda. Midway through dinner, Lennox started tugging on Lianne and said, “I need to go potty”. It was her turn to be the bathroom chaperone so off they went. After what was obviously a longer than normal time, I got up to go check on them.

This led to the moment that I found her being circled by mosquitos with a glistening forehead. She relayed that Lennox was experiencing what can most politely be described here as explosive tummy problems and was taking his time finishing up. As she rushed out of the bathroom, I went into the sweatbox. Lennox saw me and started giggling… “Hi, Daddy! I’m taking a poo-poo and it’s really loud and stinky.” I asked him if he was feeling okay and he said “Yep, I just need to finish this poo-poo!” I couldn’t help but laugh and think about how this was a Central American rite of passage. Before I could say anything else, my little critter looked up at me and said “Dada, I need you to wipe my butt now!!”

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