Time to Clear the Decks

The last remaining cardboard box was almost filled to the top. I picked up one of the last items in my office… a favorite quote that my mom had framed and given me when I was 20.

I came across the quote when I was 19, and it inspired me to spend that summer traveling in Central America. A decade later, it motivated Lianne and I to take a RTW journey in 2011-2012. I stopped packing up my office and thought about some of the big things that have happened since that last trip.

  • 10 years of marriage and 2 kiddos
  • 4 corporate jobs, numerous side hustles
  • 2 apartments and then bought a house
  • A few more wrinkles and grey hairs

Looking back, it feels like a lot has changed, but the Twain quote still speaks to me and definitely played a part in our decision to give it another go. This time we are taking off to hit the road with our 2 kids, (7-year-old Juniper and soon to be 3-year-old Lennox). I am expecting it to be “the best of times and the worst of times” but am looking forward to unplugging from the daily grind and spending time with the family for the next 4-5 months.

I placed the framed quote in the box and took a final look around the now empty office. As I walked out, I realized that while I was a bit nervous about the future, I was excited that we were clearing the decks and setting sail.

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3 thoughts on “Time to Clear the Decks

  1. Love the Twain quote and love you! Uncle Michael and I took off on our own odyssey back in the 70s before we had our kids. Hiked in the Alps. Rode vaporettos in Venice. Visited Dali’s birthplace in Spain. Prayed in Notre Dame Cathedral on Christmas Eve. Swam around the Greek isles and sailed on to Turkey. Great move for us and great move for you! xo, Aunt Susie

  2. Uncle Michael and I did this in the 70s. Quit our jobs, put our stuff in storage and took off. Hiked in the Alps. Rode the vaporetto in Venice. Saw creche with live animals at Notre Dame Cathedral on Christmas Eve in Paris. Rented a house on a Greek island. Sailed to Turkey. Sail on, Ross! xox, Aunt Susie

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