The sky was threatening.  We decided to take our chances and wander the labyrinth of streets in Venice anyhow.  Once we were a solid 20 minute walk from our accommodation the heavens opened up.  We ducked into a small Murano glass shop on one of the corners.  We made small talk with the shop owner and Nug reminded me that she had wanted to buy an umbrella the day before.  Another couple walked in to escape the pelting rain as well.  The guy walked around the store and loudly commented on everything he saw.

The radio was playing classic rock.  He blurted out, “You guys listen to classic rock here!  Wow!  I can’t believe it.  I thought this was only popular in America.”  The shop owner looked at him to see if he was joking.  Then, unfortunately, the song “Africa” from Toto came on.  This was a difficult song even for the lead singer of Toto to belt out.  The goon smiled from ear to ear and in a small yell let us all know that he adored the song.  He then proceeded to tarnish the song beyond comprehension.  Nug, the shopkeeper and I looked at each other in horror.  I looked out at the rain and back at the crooning American before deciding that getting soaked was the more agreeable option.  I looked at Nug, “Shall we go find an umbrella?”  She answered by taking my hand and leading me out into the pouring rain.

Nug running


St. Mark’s Square







St. Marks Square

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