The Gamble

We arrived at the Sintra train station 2 ½ hours before our flight to Athens.  The train ride to Lisbon is one hour and a taxi ride from downtown to the airport is another 20 minutes so we had just enough time.  Of course the train was 30 minutes late.  We arrived in Lisbon 1 hour before our flight and hailed a cab.  En route to the airport the driver asked which terminal.  “International,” we responded.  “No, we have 2 terminals and both are international.”  We looked at each other like 2 kids who were just told that Santa wasn’t real.  He explained in broken English that Lisbon had 2 terminals that were “20 minutes apart.”

With 45 minutes until our scheduled departure we were like 2 Vegas gamblers putting all the chips on black when I guessed, “Go to Terminal 2.”  We pulled up and Nug nervously bolted inside to check the departures screens while I chewed my nails outside.  After what seemed like hours she skipped out with her hands triumphantly skyward and we grabbed our packs.  We pleaded with an agent and were ushered ahead of the waiting line.  We dashed to the boarding gate and arrived just as last call was announced.

Early to the ferry







When we left Athens several days later to board our ferry to Santorini we were uncharacteristically early.  Athens and Santorini were like 2 different worlds.  Graffiti, trash, beggars and peddlers are rampant in the capitol while clean white stucco buildings, amazing views, clean walkways and well to do people inhabit the island.  We spent several days enjoying the amazing sunsets and walks along the ancient volcanic rim before continuing our journey west.

Boat life










Balcony view

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