The FCC Saved My Ass

After several days of exploring the sites of Phnom Penh including Chuong Ek, the Russian Market, the Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda we decided to spend a lazy day walking along the Mekong River.  We stopped at several restaurants and roadside stalls for snacks during the trek.

In Happier Times
Potential Culprits???
     We had heard that the FCC had a great atmosphere and wonderful views over the Mekong River.  The rooftop bar had both qualities, yet at $2 per beer we were hard pressed to justify the outrageous prices compared to the 50 cent beers available in the squalor of the less pompous bars on the streets.  That would soon change.  The potent cocktail of street food started to wreak havoc on my American gut more accustomed to sterile vittles.  On the verge of certain disaster I raced for the throne.  Over the next few minutes I did not feel like a king.  As luck would have it FCC had the most beautiful and clean toilets I had laid eyes on since reaching Phnom Penh.  The soft toilet paper was a God send.  After 3 more gut wrenching episodes in the next 15 minutes, not to mention what must have been $5 worth of toilet paper, the writing was on the wall.  I realized that that $2 beer was the best deal I had ever gotten in my life!  The FCC saved my ass.

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