Fat Kid Showdown and Other Tales

-I proudly consider myself to be a fat kid.  I easily scarf down 7 or 8 of Nug’s epic oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.  Ted has always claimed that he is as well.  The two of us crushed 50 of Nug’s cookies in 2 days.  I thought that I could keep pace with him but the epiphany came on a trip down the coast.  We stopped at Suffolk Park Bakery, home of mouthwatering sugar laced baked goods that typically cost $3-$5 each.  In less than 24 hours Ted dropped over $50 at this fat kid oasis.  This compared to my paltry $30.  My sucrose induced cataleptic fit was spoiled by the bitter truth.  I’m an imposter fat kid compared to Ted the authority.

The Showdown








Suffolk Bakery








The Undisputed “Fat Kid Champion” in his element.













-We took a trip to Noosa and we threw Ted in the back of the van and shut all the curtains since it is illegal to drive with a passenger in the back seat.  We saw a double rainbow on the ride and I did an impeccable impression of the YouTube “classic” of the Yosemite double rainbow to blank looks from Nug and Ted.  Neither had ever seen it apparently.  Our van, “Smelter”, maxes at 80kph so it was a 3 hour drive.  We passed a car for the first time EVER on the highway and had a celebration…nevermind that the driver had the hazards blinking and was going about 50kph.

“Stay Down!”










-On our 1st day in Noosa we resolved to rent a few longboards and surf the points.  On the way to town we saw several kangaroos.  I was deafened by Ted’s boisterous shout when he saw them.  He was like a kid on Christmas morning.  “That’s the 1st kangaroo I’ve ever seen!  WOOOO!” he shouted.  The enthusiasm was contagious.  We found 2 longboards “for hire” at the Quiksilver shop.  One was far superior to the other.  Somehow, Ted asserted claim to the beauty first.  I sulked like a small child who didn’t get his way and refused to talk to him for the next hour.  He overlooked my infantile antics and we switched off boards over the next 3 hours at Tea Tree Bay.  It was incredibly fun with only a few people around.


Tea Tree Bay, Noosa
















The Nose knows the nose.

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