Fools Rush In

After nearly a week of consistent rain with fleeting reprieves it looks like the sunshine is finally ready to reemerge. It is our final day in Cooly before trekking to Brisbane for a few days to catch some concerts (Lenny Kravitz, The Cranberries, and Wolfmother one night followed by Xavier Rudd the next) and pick up our great buddy Ted so he can spend several weeks with us. We are nearing our halfway point in Australia as we recently purchased one way tickets to Cambodia in July. Ted’s arrival marks the launch of a steady stream of visitors over the next months which will undoubtedly hasten the passage of time. We pass the day by packing, reading and playing in the front yard (Kirra Beach) where Nug snaps a few pics of me surfing. To put a feather in the cap of the day we hike to the top of Kirra Hill with some wine to catch the sunset and enjoy the first rain free evening in days. At the top I suggest we sit on the steep grassy knoll overlooking Coolangatta. “It will be to damp,” Nug responds. I spy a bench in the middle of the grassy area and bolt across the greenery while needling Nug to follow. Halfway to the seat the soggy grass comes to life. It feels as if a rug is being rudely swiped from beneath me to the left and I am suddenly airborne. My feet start churning like the road runner cartoon and both hands strain to roll up imaginary windows. My plight is hopeless. My flailing arms fling sheets of wine into my face. I wince at the burning of wine in my eyes a split second before my entire freshly showered frame Pete Rose slides into the sludge. I look up at Nug with pitiful eyes and am met with the most uncontrollable, disturbing laughter I have ever encountered. I fully expect her to choke on her own chortles. After no less than a minute the witch cackles die down and with tears in her eyes she works out a half-hearted, “Are you hurt?” All I can muster is a pathetic, “Does my pride count?” as I lower my face back into the muck.

Surfer's Paradise
Front Yard Barrel
Budgie Smugglers
Kirra Hill Sunset
Nug and the Sea Eagle
Nug and the Sea Eagle






10 thoughts on “Fools Rush In

  1. Oh how I enjoy your writings first thing in the mornings! Gives me a chuckle to start my day off which I usually am in need of! can truly visualize Lianne laughing hysterically at you! Hope your pride has recovered (and your wine)! Love you guys. Keep the posts coming.

  2. You always took the road less travelled, Ross,
    and you often ventured outside your comfort zone.
    Good for you!!!

  3. Yes I am still around. I am so sorry that things arn’t going well but thats because I am not there. I will be stuck at your moms house keepeing my dog from killing your cat but i really hope everything goes geat. Your mom and dad are really excited to see you.I just want you to know that i love you both and hope the trip home is as great as it sounds. hope to hear from you soon. jill.

    1. Hey Aunt Jill! Good to hear from you again. Have fun partying at the Bickmeyer’s while they are here. We miss you and will see you in November. We are really looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad too!

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