Digging Up Dirt

“Dada, that was my favorite place all day!” Lennox was smiling up at me with his face perfectly framed by the multitude of jackets. “That was an awesome waterfall wasn’t it buddy?!” He looked at me confused…” No, Dada it was good for my digger!!”

We had hit the road semi-early to road trip around the Isle of Skye. As we were leaving Bubba asked, “Are we going to see more nature today?” I confirmed that we were, and he said he wanted to bring his digger to share the experience with him. The forecast called for scattered rainstorms, and we ended up dodging them all day long. Nonetheless, we had plenty of windows of great weather.

The day included stops at multiple waterfalls, several short hikes, a few headland viewpoints, cliffs and some cool rock formations. We wrapped up the day at Kilt Rock which has a beautiful waterfall that cascaded into the ocean. Known as Mealt Falls, it was one of the ones Lianne and I were really looking forward to visiting. The lookout point to the waterfall and ocean was beautiful and as we checked it out, I noticed Lennox in his own little world in the dirt. I brought him over to look at the view of the plunging water and he gave it a 10 second glance before getting back to driving his digger through the dirt. After a short bit of taking it all in, we began the walk back to the car and Lennox and I had our conversation. After telling me how great the dirt at the viewpoint was for his digger, he wrapped it up by telling me, “My digger had fun today, Dada!”


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