Sidewalk Surfing

Video of our evening run or skate from Kirra to Duranbah.

We purchased Sector 9 boards at the Kirra Surf Shop Australia Day Sale and took them out for a spin.  We attached a GoPro to the bottom of one of the boards.

12 thoughts on “Sidewalk Surfing

  1. Pretty cool. Didn’t know you were a skate board chick Lianne! Love the videos and pictures. Keep them coming. Wish I was young again and had the nerve to do the traveling you guys are doing. Enjoy!

  2. You BOTH look great! Lianne is a natural – with grace and good balance. This video reminds me of the old days and all your skateboard moves with the yellow rail and makeshift wooden ramps in our driveway, at the ‘big boy school’ parking lot, and at all the campgrounds we visited. Remember the Flexdex cruiser boards? You rode one of those boards to work on Jax Beach.

    1. Thanks Mom! I think I may have regressed a bit from the good old days. I still have the flexdex at home. We are now riding skateboards to work at the Bali shop.

  3. Ahhhh… to be young again. Oh wait a minute, that old dude in the wet suit still has it going on. He puts us all to shame.

      1. No goofy boy, your dad is the old guy in the wet suit puttin’ us to shame every day.
        All kidding aside you two are just so lucky and smart to have worked this trip out for the honeymoon of a lifetime. It has to be amazing to start a marriage off in such a relaxed, no worries atmosphere.
        It takes a lot of guts to say you are going to do it and then actually doing it. Savor every moment. So proud of you. xoxoxo

      2. Thanks for the support Mrs. Betty! We feel lucky to be able to experience this and are enjoying all of it. Hope all is well back home.

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